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PRE-UPGRADE DEMO ➡️ The Easiest Way To Learn Social Work AI - Chatbots, Templates, And Specialized Personal Assistants

As some of you may have seen (and maybe even tried!), we are in the midst of rolling out a significant update to the Social Work Magic AI Tool ✨ (and if you've tried it, I'd love to get your feedback)

If you haven't seen the updates yet, we've made small changes to the interface (basically, how the tool looks when you use it), noticeable improvements in the speed of responses, and most significantly, additional options for you to refine, adjust, and take action with your results.

These options include the ability to expand upon your results, to simplify them, to summarize them, and to add additional information to get you closer to the result you need.

In addition, we've included several options to make actually doing something with your results easier.

As has always been the case, you can copy your results with the tap of a button to paste into a secure environment (like your password protected work computer) where you can add details, confidential information, etc.

In addition, with the click of a button you can also now have your results emailed to the address we have on file for you to make it easier to get that content where you need it to be.

The demo in this video was done prior to the upgrade (I'll be doing more videos that show how to use the tool, post-updates), but this demonstration will give you a solid foundational understanding of the tool that will have you streamlining your work in no time...ENJOY!

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