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The One Social Work AI Law To Rule Them All - Practical And Responsible Artificial Intelligence

Okay, I want to know two things: First, did you use AI in social work last year? And second, are you planning to use AI this year? Whether your answer is yes or no, I want to offer you a free resource. Before we dive into the details, if you visit the link provided ( ) or check the video description, you will find a link to a free 30-page guide. This guide provides a framework for using AI in Social Work and is available at no cost. It includes lots os helpful information, some of which I'll discuss in this video, as well as upcoming videos. Make sure to access this resource by clicking the link to see if AI fits your practice this year.

I haven't posted a video for quite a while, and we have made the most significant upgrade to the Social Work Magic AI tool since its inception (an even BIGGER update is coming in a week or two!). I won't cover it much in this video but will address it in future ones, so make sure you subscribe or follow. You can visit now to explore the update.

Now, let me provide a quick overview. The new feature allows you to build a personalized library with an infinite number of questions or prompts you submit regularly to AI. This feature eliminates the need to repeat the same queries over and over every time you use the tool and lets you access your submissions anytime from your library. We'll get into this feature more in a later video, but let's focus on today's content.

I often hear criticisms about AI, such as, "it doesn't work, is always wrong, has no place in social work, or is unethical." While there is some validity to these concerns, and everyone's perspective on technology is valid, remember the framework and free guide I mentioned. Within that framework, I've outlined six pillars that, if followed, demonstrate how you can use AI responsibly in social work to streamline your tasks and reduce stress.

The first pillar emphasizes that AI is merely a tool, not a solution to all problems. When integrating AI into your daily work, remember it should complement, not replace, your efforts. It's not yet capable of substituting for a human social worker's role. The technology is intended to assist, not take over your responsibilities. Understanding this can correct any misconceptions about AI usage in social work. Professional social workers recognize their duty to maintain their work's integrity and don't use AI-generated responses without modification.

Answers from AI, while impressive and insightful, require a social worker's review to ensure they are devoid of bias and culturally appropriate. Hence, it's rare that AI-generated content is used as-is; it typically requires adaptation to specific contexts. I'll demonstrate this using the Social Work Magic AI tool, focusing on how we apply the first of the six responsible AI usage pillars in social work.

By using the Social Work Magic AI tool, you can input parameters and receive outputs to enhance your work, not replace it. You can then refine these outputs in your secure work environment, tailoring them to your specific case needs and professional expertise. This process exemplifies how AI tools, when used wisely, can alleviate workload and prevent burnout, granting you more time for other essential tasks.

AI generates valuable, professional responses, yet it still requires your input as a social work professional. Whether you're a counselor, therapist, or case manager, remember: AI assists; it doesn't resolve all issues independently. This approach to AI empowers you to maintain your professional responsibilities while leveraging technology to enhance your efficiency and effectiveness in social work.

So, explore the Social Work Magic AI tool and see how it can fit into your practice, potentially alleviating stress and freeing up time for you to focus on what truly matters in your work. Remember, AI is a tool, not the ultimate answer. For more detailed guidance on responsible AI usage in social work, access the free 30-page guide available through the link mentioned earlier. Thank you for watching, and consider giving the Social Work Magic AI tool a try to see how it can benefit your practice.

Oh yeah...and subscribe to the YouTube channel for videos covering the remaining 5 pillars, and more!

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