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This Social Work AI Upgrade Will Save Untold Hours In 2024 - Can You Say "Burnout Buster"?

This Social Work AI Upgrade Will Save Untold Hours In 2024 - Can You Say "Burnout Buster"?


Almost one year ago, I pushed a button on my computer and sent the Social Work Magic Tool out into the wide open internet. Why?

Well, I’ve felt the pain of being an overwhelmed and burned out social worker at various points during my 28 years in this profession. With those experiences in mind, I wanted to provide something to my colleagues to help them save time and climb out of the hopelessness felt by so many desperate social workers. So I created and released the Social Work Magic AI Tool ✨

As of today, NINETY-ONE PERCENT of subscribers from that first full month of Social Work Magic are still subscribers, which tells me that Social Workers are finding incredible value in the tool.

I’ve listened to feedback throughout the past year and made continuous adjustments, including upgrading the AI model that runs everything, making the log in process easier, and adding 115+ options to the Social Work Templates function.

With all of that work, however, the most popular request I’ve had all year was to add the ability to save prompts for future use.

I’ve taken that request and gone one step further.

Now, with the Social Work Magic PRO Tool (monthly or annual) you can save an unlimited combination of template variables and context information. Additionally, you are able to edit your saved templates and use them any time you want, for any use case you might have.

You might ask yourself, “When would I use something like this?”

Say you need to submit a report every month that has the same audience, written in the same tone, and from the same perspective. With the PRO version of the Social Work Magic Tool, you can enter the variables that you need for this particular report, save those variables, and then with the click of a button re-use that exact same template month after month. No longer do you need to remember and enter all those details every single time. That’s a time saver…a stress reducer.

Or imagine this. You’re a case manager that needs to develop case plans for individuals you work with numerous times per week. You want that case plan to include a professional tone, for an audience of a “client” that is between 100-250 words. Instead of entering all of that information into the Social Work Magic Template Tool every time, you can just pull it up from your saved templates whenever you need a case plan that week. You can even edit it as needed (maybe change the length of the plan, or have it use a hopeful tone instead of a professional one) Again, a time saver…a stress reducer.

Now here's some really awesome news. Current paid subscribers will be rewarded for their loyalty to the Social Work Magic Tool by being “grandfathered” in to the PRO plan. If you are a current paid subscriber, you will have access to the new and improved PRO plan until you end your subscription!

And here’s some more, almost as awesome, news. Until the end of February, new PRO plan users will receive 20% off their subscription and will pay $13 for the monthly PRO plan, or $140 for the annual PRO plan!

On March 1st, 2024, prices for the fully functional Pro Tool will return to $16 per month and $175 per year.

And of course, new subscribers to the Monthly Magic BASIC Plan will still have access to Social Work AI as it has always existed in the Social Work Magic Tool, just without the ability to build a personalized template library.

So that's the big news for now, but before you go sign up for the Pro plan while it's still at a reduced price, let me give you a little hint about what might be coming next…

25+ specialized AI Assistants

Follow, connect, and stay tuned for more…

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