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This Is The Magic Social Work AI Chatbot - Start Here And Never Look Back To The "Old Way"!

During the past year I've learned that our users find the chatbot to be the easiest way to start using Social Work AI. The video above walks you through the basics of our Social Work Magic Chatbot, but it basically boils down to this.


Like the rest of the Social Work Magic Suite of tools, there is social work expertise trained into the backend of our tools' algorithms. This means that you can focus on getting the information you need out of the AI without having to first train it with the context needed to set it up as a social work expert...Social Work Magic has already done that for you!


So with that in mind, once you're logged in and on the Social Work Chatbot page, just imagine that you're having a back and forth text chat as you normally would with a supervisor, a colleague, or a social work mentor.


The chatbot section of Social Work Magic is not intended to provide full, deep, and robust responses to user queries, or "prompts". Instead, it's intended to give you relatively brief yet comprehensive responses to your questions, hopefully similar to the social work advice you might get from someone in your professional network.


Here are three KEY concepts to keep in mind as you use the chatbot:

  • Be concise, clear, and specific in your prompts

  • If the response cuts off before it's done, just type "continue" and submit

  • FOLLOW UP - don't just take the first response as the answer...use follow up questions like, "tell me more about your second point" or "can you simplify this" or "give me 5 ways to explain this concept to my client". In short, HAVE A CONVERSATION!


I hope this information has been helpful as you continue to learn about how Social Work Magic AI can help you day to day in your work.In the next one I'll touch on the Social Work Templates Page.....

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