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One Of A Kind Social Work AI - The Templates Page Revolutionizes Everything

You've had a chance to try out the Social Work Magic Chatbot, but now it's time to let the "Social Work Templates" page REALLY blow your mind!


If you haven't already noticed as you play with our suite of AI tools, the Templates Page is significantly different than the Chatbot Page.


Let me explain...


While the chatbot function allows you to have conversational banter back and forth with our "digital social work expert", the Templates Page requires a little more thought for structured, defined, and specialized results.


The Social Work Templates page is comprised of 5 pre-populated drop down boxes that allow you to select from one of the available options, and a text entry field where you can include additional information or context that will help to refine your results.


Once you complete these 6 areas, you have the option to save your prompt (more on that in a sec) or to submit your query.


After selecting submit, the information you've entered is sent to the AI. Armed with social work expertise in its background algorithm, the tool provides you with a response that reflects the specific information you included in your prompt.


Now, if you subscribe to a PRO PLAN, you also have the option to SAVE your prompt and build your own PERSONALIZED PROMPT LIBRARY. This is helpful because it allows you to save specific dropdown combinations for things that you need on a regular basis (a weekly agenda, a monthly client assessment, etc.)


With these saved prompts, you can shave even more time off of some of your more monotonous tasks. Simply open one of the saved templates from your personalized library, add any specific details into the text entry field, and you're done!


Here are a few more Template Page "Pro Tips":

  • NEVER, EVER, EVER include confidential information in the text entry field!

  • Add as much detail as is necessary (that isn't confidential) in the text entry field to make your response specific to your particular scenario and produce the most useful results

  • Try using "No Preference" for your desired length of response, and let the AI do what it does

In the next email we take the Templates Page to the next level by tweaking our results...see you soon!

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