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How One Button Can Tweak Your Worst AI Results And Give You What You Need In Seconds

At this point you're really a part of this AI REVOLUTION IN SOCIAL WORK...Congratulations!


OK, so now you've played with the Social Work AI Templates page enough to be able to produce the results you want on a fairly consistent basis, but there are still times when the results don't include everything you need....


Let's fix that!


On the Results Page (once you've submitted something from the AI Templates page), you will see 7 BUTTONS at the bottom that allow you to "take action" with your results and tweak things to get them just how you'd like them.

These buttons can modify your results to more closely fit your use case. Why would you want to do this?


Well for example, you may intend to use the original results to write a report, but you might also want to provide an easier to understand version of those results to a client or an intern, and maybe you want to provide a brief synopsis of what you're working on to your boss. These buttons make that all possible.


Here's what they do:

  • ADD DETAILS BUTTON - opens a new text entry field that allows you to provide additional information to improve or refine the results that were produced from your original prompt

  • SUMMARIZE BUTTON - condenses and refines the information from the original result to provide a more concise, but still thorough, response

  • EXPAND BUTTON - provides an enhanced, more detailed, and lengthier version of your original response that includes more comprehensive and robust information

  • SIMPLIFY BUTTON - takes your original response and returns a new version that is approximately 20% easier to understand in terms of the complexity of the language used, sentence structure, etc.

  • COPY BUTTON - just what it says. Copies everything included in your results to be pasted somewhere, based on your needs (remember confidentiality!)

  • EMAIL BUTTON - similar to the copy button, but instead of copying the information, it automatically emails it to the email you use to sign in to your account to be used in whatever way you need (remember confidentiality!)

  • NEW SEARCH BUTTON - if, no matter what you do or which button you push, you just can't seem to tweak the results enough to get what you need, hit this button to start from scratch and try it all over again

With the information above, you should be a Social Work AI EXPERT and showing off to your colleagues in no time... good luck trying it out, and have fun!


 You've had the Social Work Magic AI Tool for almost a week, and by now you should be seeing how using it on a daily, weekly, monthly basis will save you time, energy, and stress.

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