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Could You Use One Of These Specialized AI Personal Assitants?

The Social Work Magic Specialized AI Assistants are hyper-specialized tools that you can use to get helpful, informative, and flat out fun results from.


As with everything in Social Work Magic, all of these tools come with expert level social work training in their backend algorithms, but these Assistants also have specific training in the particular area that each one specializes in.


At the time I am writing this email there are 25 specialized AI Assistants available, but I have several more on deck that I'll be working with the development team to get added to the library soon...this suite of tools is constantly growing!


If you have subscribed to one of the plans that provides access to our Specialized AI Assistants, you'll have access to the entire library of Assistants, even as the library're locked in to total access!


Here's a listing of just SOME of the Assistants you'll find as a subscriber to one of these plans:

  • Burnout Support Bot

  • Social Work Boundary Builder

  • Social Work Ethical Advisor

  • ASWB Study Pal

  • BSW/MSW Student Helper

  • Social Work Template Generator

  • Helping Professional Resource Navigator

  • Social Work Career Coach

  • Social Worker Daily Inspiration

  • And many, many more...(and growing)!

Go ahead and check out the "Specialized AI Assistants" page to see what's currently available...hopefully this helps you to realize how continuing your subscription with Social Work Magic will be a valuable addition to your professional life...

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