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Although Social Work Magic is MUCH more than a progress note generator, the development of case notes for Social Workers and progress notes for Therapists and Clinicians is a task that it can complete with ease.  While keeping confidentiality in mind, you can generate, modify, and utilize case notes that meet your case specific needs in each situation.

Simple Solutions in Seconds for Your Progress Notes

Tell the tool what perspective it should think from

Screenshot 2024-04-15 010008.png

Tell the tool what you want it to create or develop

Screenshot 2024-04-14 015350.png

Here you can provide more context as well as important details

Screenshot 2024-04-15 005817.png

Tell the tool what tone it should take

Screenshot 2024-04-14 015535.png

Tell the tool who it should direct it's response towards

Screenshot 2024-04-14 015716.png

Set the desired length for your response

Screenshot 2024-04-14 015821.png

And presto, just like MAGIC✨, your response is provided, with more opportunities to customize it using the buttons below

Screenshot 2024-04-15 005805_edited.jpg
  • Get more bang for your buck than you would with most industry-standard therapy documentation tools.

  • Save time and eliminate headaches caused by the procrastination and dread of keeping up with your notes.

  • Modify your results by adding additional details, expanding on the results, and summarizing information

  • With ease and efficiency, create SOAP, DAP, BIRP, GIRP, SIRP, PIE notes; Treatment Plans; Intake Reports; Risk Assessments; Couples Notes; Supervision Notes, and MUCH MORE!

How will you spend all of the time you save by generating your progress notes (and more!) in
Social Work Magic✨?

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