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Your social work job doesn't have to overwhelm you.

The Social Work Magic Tool provides you with the 3 things you need to survive this job.

Convenience.  Time.  Expertise.

Many of us have come to learn that we can responsibly use AI in our profession.

We've familiarized ourselves with AI tools like ChatGPT that can help us get the answers we need and streamline our work.  The problem is, the amount of fine tuning needed to get the response we want can be overwhelming, and when we get a response, it is not always as concise, focused, or specialized as we need it to be.


Here's an example.  When we pose the same question to ChatGPT and to Social Work Magic, the difference between the tools can be stark.  One person posed this question:

"I need to prepare a 3 year old for re-instating his relationship/contact with his birth father. Does anyone have some ideas on where I can start?"

Here's the answer that ChatGPT provides:

The information is certainly helpful, and in the right situation, it's what you need.  However, it may be too much, and it may be more "broad or general knowledge".

But when you are looking for convenience, time, and focused expertise in the profession, the response versions provided by Social Work Magic are likely closer to what you need:

3 Yr Old W Dad ChatGPT_edited.jpg
3 Yr Old W Dad ChatGPT_edited.jpg
3 Yr Old W Dad ChatGPT_edited.jpg

When you combine the power of AI with the experience of a social work veteran, you get
Social Work Magic

"This might be the most revolutionary social work tool I've seen in my 27 years in the profession" 

Ernesto Bejarano, MSW
Social Work Mentor

How does it work?

1. Complete 5 drop down boxes with options vetted by an experienced Social Worker

 2. Use the text box to enter more specific information about the task you want the tool to perform

3. Press submit and be amazed by your results

It's that simple.


"This is amazing! I would love this!"

- Candice


"How can I get a hold of this!"

- Leslie


"I am loving 🥰️this app."

- Brigitte


"This is so amazing!"

- Kela


"This would be so helpful for us still in school, too!"

- June


"I've been using this all day at work!  I love it!"

- Felix

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