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Save time, write progress notes, and get 24/7 support with your own AI social work assistant.




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A Revolution in Social Work:



AI powered support, guidance, and resources for Social Workers who want to control their workflow.

The first tool pre-trained with social work expertise

Social Work Magic makes the process of using social work specific Artificial Intelligence simple.  Chat with the tool as you would a trusted friend or colleague, or use the pre-configured templates to create just what you need.

Chatbot Interface


Natural language chat interface allows you to interact as you would with a friend or colleague

Easy To Use Templates


Use pre-defined options vetted by a social work veteran to develop whatever you need

Privacy & Security


The security of our platform and the privacy of your information is a top priority

The Support You Need


Suprisingly empathetic support and guidance to help you navigate through the difficult times on the job

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A social work assistant in your pocket 24/7

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Social Work Magic saves time and prevents burnout by providing infinite possibilities for guidance, mentorship, support, and resources.


Social Workers who use the tool are able to take control of their workflow by drastically cutting the time it takes to complete day to day tasks.  Finally, REAL self care is literally at your fingertips, 24/7, 365 days a year!

Get 7 days free to try it for yourself

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How does the template function work?

1. Complete 5 drop down boxes with options vetted by an experienced Social Worker

 2. Use the text box to enter more specific information about the task you want the tool to perform

3. Press submit and be amazed by your results

It's that simple.

How does the chat function work?

1. Ask any question

2. Get a concise, natural language response, just like chatting with a friend or colleague (who happens to be an expert in all social work related topics!)

3. Continue the conversation for as long as you need, as the tool remembers the context of all of your previous inquiries

As simple as that.

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AI features that are actually useful

28 Ways You Can Use Social Work Magic To Save Time And Increase Efficiency

" Create a case plan for my client with the following profile and history. "



" How can I engage with a defiant 17 year old male? "


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" I'm burned out and need to make a professional change. Where should I start? "

" Explain the SOAP method of documentation and provide one example "

" Provide a list of 10 books that might be helpful for a parent struggling with a defiant teenager "

" Draft a professional email to send to funders explaining why our violence prevention organization needs another year of financial support "


" Write up a 1000 word case note entry using the following information "


" What should I look for during my first home visit with a new client? "

" What are the 3 most effective treatment modalities for an adult male struggling with anxiety? "

" Give me a list of 10 reflective questions I can ask my client to help him examine his controlling behaviors "

When you combine the power of AI with the experience of a social work veteran, you get
Social Work Magic

Social Work Magic App Store

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  • How does the Social Work Magic AI Tool work?
    When a user completes the fields on the Template Page or interacts with the Chat Page, the Social Work Magic Tool uses AI technology trained in the background with social work expertise to generate a response that is specific to the information that has been submitted. The response provided can then be checked for biases, cultural appropriateness and language, etc., and then modified as needed by the Social Worker.
  • Will this lead to robots taking our jobs?
    Artificial Intelligence is improving every day, and some of the things that it can do are really quite amazing. That being said, the core of our profession is human interaction, which is something that cannot be handled by AI at this time. From being able to accurately read emotions, to understanding very subtle cultural nuances, to being able to adapt and respond to emotional changes in real time during a conversation, we Social Workers do much, much more than what is capable by "the robots". In our humble opinion, AI is here to stay. Farmers resisted going from the horse to the tractor. Early radio hosts pushed back against the television. Many people said the internet was "just a fad" and wanted nothing to do with it. Whether it's the tractor or the internet, technology is undefeated. Where will Social Workers find themselves as AI becomes a part of our lives? We can decide to dig in our heels and say that Social Workers should never utilize this kind of technology in our work, or we can use applications like The Social Work Magic Tool to make our lives easier while at the same time improving the services we provide to clients.
  • Will this tool introduce the biases of its developers into our work?
    If you directly copy and paste reponses from the Social Work Magic Tool into your emails, reports, etc., then there is a chance that there will be biases, cultural misunderstandings, etc. introduced into your work product. That's why we make it clear that the Social Work Magic Tool is just that...A TOOL...that you can use as a template...a thought partner...or an idea starter, but that should always be checked and modified to ensure appropriateness and verify that it meets your specific needs.
  • What about confidentiality?
    Obviously in our field, confidentiality and privacy are foundational concepts in everything that we do. That's why we make it very clear that you should NEVER use specific identifying information in any of your questions or "prompts". That being said, there is code built into the back end of the tool aimed at preventing this kind of information from being accepted or used in a reponse. However, as these AI models are ever evolving, we cannot guarantee that, in rare instances, the tool may still utilize that information.
  • What happens to the information I share with the tool?
    The Social Work Magic AI Tool is built using the OpenAI API platform. OpenAI's data usage policies ensure that users retain ownership of the data they input into OpenAI's systems. Here's a summary of the relevant policies regarding data ownership and usage: Ownership and Control: Users own and control the data they submit to OpenAI. This extends to both the input and output of the models. If users utilize OpenAI's services for processing personal data, they might need to adhere to OpenAI's GDPR/CCPA Data Processing Agreement​. Usage of Data: By default, OpenAI does not use data submitted via their API to train their models or improve their services. OpenAI continuously improves its models through research breakthroughs and exposure to real-world problems and data, though this is not explicitly linked to user data​. Data Retention: OpenAI has implemented a 30-day data retention policy for API users, where data is kept for monitoring purposes to prevent abuse and misuse. Policy Updates: In response to concerns, OpenAI has updated its developer policy to clarify its use of customer data and added data retention options. It will no longer use any data submitted through its API for service improvements, including AI model training, unless a user or organization opts in​
  • How does the tool come up with its responses and why should those responses be trusted?
    OpenAI is a language model that uses a technique called "deep learning" to generate responses to text-based inputs. At the time of this writing, it gets its data from a vast set of text information on the internet, such as college level social work textbooks, peer reviewed articles on social work, and social work related websites (soon it will also get information from images, video, audio, etc.) It learns to identify patterns and relationships in the language data, which allows it to generate coherent and contextually relevant responses. It then generates a response by selecting words and phrases that are most likely to fit with the context of the input based on its training data.
  • Can I get tips on how to use the tool?
    Absolutely! A video library is being created. Check back here to see the videos as they are added.

"This is amazing! I would love this!"

- Candice


"How can I get a hold of this!"

- Leslie


"I am loving 🥰️this app."

- Brigitte


"This is so amazing!"

- Kela


"This is so helpful for us still in school, too!"

- June


"Been using this all day at work!  I love it!"

- Felix

People       Social Work Magic!



Physical Data Security

We're hosted by world leading DC providers AWS, Google Cloud Platform, and Equinix, which all comply with the highest industry standards for physical, environmental, and hosting controls.

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