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Personalized AI templates and support that will save you time and revolutionize your social work practice 🤖


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A Revolution in Social Work:



AI powered support, guidance, and resources for Social Workers who want to control their workflow.

The first and only tool pre-trained with social work expertise

Social Work Magic makes the process of using social work specific Artificial Intelligence simple.  Chat with the tool as you would a trusted friend or colleague, or use the pre-configured templates to create just what you need.

Chatbot Interface


Natural language chat interface allows you to interact as you would with a friend or colleague

Easy To Use Templates


Use pre-defined options vetted by a social work veteran to develop whatever you need

Privacy & Security


The security of our platform and the privacy of your information is a top priority

The Support You Need


Suprisingly empathetic support and guidance to help you navigate through the difficult times on the job

A social work assistant in your pocket 24/7

Social Work Magic saves time and prevents burnout by providing infinite possibilities for guidance, mentorship, support, and resources.


Social Workers who use the tool are able to take control of their workflow by drastically cutting the time it takes to complete day to day tasks.  Finally, REAL self care is literally at your fingertips, 24/7, 365 days a year!

Get 7 days free to try it for yourself

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How does the template function work?

1. Complete 5 drop down boxes with options vetted by an experienced Social Worker

 2. Use the text box to enter more specific information about the task you want the tool to perform

3. Press submit and be amazed by your results

It's that simple.

How does the chat function work?

1. Ask any question

2. Get a concise, natural language response, just like chatting with a friend or colleague (who happens to be an expert in all social work related topics!)

3. Continue the conversation for as long as you need, as the tool remembers the context of all of your previous inquiries

As simple as that.

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AI features that are actually useful

28 Ways You Can Use Social Work Magic To Save Time And Increase Efficiency